I plugged Redeemed Lawful Money into a search engine…   https://www.investopedia.com/terms/l/lawfulmoney.asp   Oddly enough, the dollar bills that we carry around in our wallets are not considered lawful money. Read more: Lawful Money https://www.investopedia.com/terms/l/lawfulmoney.asp#ixzz5AigR2C6S Follow us: Investopedia on Facebook

At least that is what I hope people get from these HAMP 2 success stories. Debt and redemption are mutually exclusive concepts. Since last year there have been instances where the husband enjoys redeeming lawful money by demand, and the wife is hesitant. When the couple presents tax returns the bank handling the refinancing cannot […]

We are perfecting redemption and I am seeing my fingerprints in significant process in the US District Courts from people who have been redeeming lawful money for years. This is encouraging that Michael Joseph and I are teaching reproducible lessons here and elsewhere.

If you have been around the block, and especially if you are new to redemption of lawful money you might get this as just another perspective of the same thing. In fact I have been conversing with a retired corporate hatchet man who moved into the Catholic church as a Deacon specializing in Last Rites. […]

Gold and Silver Members; Please get a look at our Coffee Chat about interest and usury. I think that anybody digesting this discussion between Michael Joseph and myself will be developing a tool set that will help comprehend redemption.