MJ said: We cannot enter into a societal trust and benefit in business and increase by the mechanisms of that society and then think we should somehow be separate from the obligations and liabilities of that society. 


This is the nature of “money markets”. And since the Housing Bubble where thousands of American homeowners agreed to balloon payments by signature loan we might have cured the bankers of this dishonesty. But no; in about a year the OCC was allowing new money markets to emerge legally.


In the simple scenario about insurance policies endorsement of private credit is to become a member bank. A signature in surety for the elasticity means you accept the fact your US Dollar will be declining in value. Therefore it is your fiduciary responsibility to your estate within the Trust to be lending on interest in proper risk management procedures. That is to say, usury greater than the inherent loss built into the Fed. Fed notes are for (member) banks.


Redeem lawful money instead.


In ignorance people endorse the private credit and upon taking a bruising, misunderstanding the spirit of the money system, they feel the system is corrupt and then they can turn in like and take from the system – which is designed so that they are taking from their neighbor instead.