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About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate people as to the nature of the monetary systems and the use of trusts in their everyday life. Our goal is to teach our members how to make a use of Lawful Money (in form and substance) and how to use and recognize “invisible contracts” called trusts. We hope to empower our members with education so they can gain a better control over their estates and financial affairs.  Our motivation is to be of service to others in accord with the blessings of knowledge and experience that we have been granted.

Michael joseph Bio Header

Michael along with his beautiful wife Kim currently live on North Carolina where they are raising their two children, Andrew and Rachel. He has been with Kim for 38 years. He enjoys his family, fishing, camping, playing chess and most of all studying and living the Scriptures. Michael obtained two Engineering degrees conferred upon him from North Carolina State University. Michael has 25 years experience in Civil Engineering and more than ten thousand hours of study into Trust Law and Scripture. Michael has a passion for improving spiritual health and physical health. He is dedicated to providing clean purified drinking water in one of his other interests Berkey Blue.

Michael’s passion is to understand the Creation of God. Galileo Galilei once said “Mathematics is the language with which God has written the universe”, Michael Joseph’s passion is to find that language and to try to understand as much as God will allow. Michael’s drive is to find the truth in accord with John 8:32 “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

David Merrill Bio Header

Dave has dedicated the past twenty years to perfecting remedy for others through various modifications to his original Lesson Plan. The early beginnings were at Tuesday Night Law Club, an informal meeting of Patriots during the height of the 1990’s Patriot Movement. Learning of the Admiralty Law foundations to debt currency deliberations led Dave to acquiring a working knowledge of the Libel of Review – a common law counterclaim expressed in Admiralty. With his learning about the remedy in the Federal Reserve Act Dave has complimented the Libel of Review with Redemption of Lawful Money by demand and keeping a clear record.

Dave comes from an electrical engineering background spending that part of his career in data memory development. By applying a mathematical approach to law, mathematics being the study of reproducible mental models, David has helped hundreds of ‘suitors’ (a law term from the ‘saving to suitors’ clause of 1789) to find a clearer identity and to free themselves from conditioning that prevents contracting into useful trust structures.

Dave is a Bible scholar and has reverse-engineered Science of Mind. Dave also continues to study A Course in Miracles in a class study group setting. His favorite hobby is chess. Dave is an example of the slogan, If you find something you love, you will never work a day in your life. Drafting remedy for people and abolishing the Fed is, for Dave the most exciting hobby around.

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