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The Two Kingdoms Many churches today and for that matter “charitable trusts” charter their organizations typically in what they perceive to be the only choice available that being an organization founded UNDER the laws of the Secular State. We say secular because clearly when we look around today the State seems to be wholly opposed […]

Where do Unalienable Rights Come From? In my experience the classical Unalienable Rights come from God, or maybe even whatever mental manifestation the subject forms in his Mind as God. – In the perfect Image and Likeness of God… For God’s purpose in Creating is that there be an experience and regulating Free Will would […]

We the People Have you ever wondered about the words “We the People of the United States”? I know I have. As a boy my civics teacher informed me that I was one of those people. That I was a member of that particular society of Special Interests. What saddened me was the day I […]