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Greetings Members and Visitors; I feel spring is coming quickly to 2024 and am encouraged by the number of people redeeming lawful money successfully. I am quickly discovering in how many ways Redemption of the Mind from delusions debt has substance and value is creating a coherent and peaceful mental environment, more like a haven […]

I am posting a reminder that full tax years are pretty much required. We (redeemed) have taught the IRS attorneys well, that the IRS is not going to be calculating any partial years. So get to the bank and make demand on the Signature Card and make your demand on any paper paychecks. Establish this […]

I heard a comment by a prospective student wondering if we are still maintaining the website.

Greetings;  David Merrill here. This article is designed to define some parameters about responsibility. Recently a very anxious redeemer of lawful money PM’d Admin here looking for help with a 3176C Letter (Frivolous Return) with only four days left on the IRS deadline. As you view the pictures below you will see that my Lesson […]

It is a good idea to comprehend just how simple a redeemed lawful money demand tax return can be.  This earlier example files in two states too.

We have experienced a couple suitors having the US Treasury (YELLEN) forward the Return Receipt card for the 1040 Form to an IRS campus, without signing the receipt card at the US Treasury. I have fashioned a clerk instruction for an evidence repository so to publish the (sanitized) 1040 on PACER, then send the pdf […]

The Information was encoded into the BAR CODE, now sanitized. One suitor has received his redemption refund and has no bank account, and might piggyback his non-endorsement on a friend’s deposit slip. Which gives me an idea. Find a nearby branch of the US Treasury and take the refund check there with this generic signature […]

Greetings; For the longest time, until about December 10 one could only find a watermarked draft of the new (2021) W-4 Form. Better yet though, here is an example. W-4 Example for 2021 Keep in mind that the claim you make is that you owed no income tax last year, and will owe no income […]

Greetings! David Merrill here. As thousands of people are enjoying redemption in their lives I am quite pleased with what an honor it has been to help people learn on this website. Here is an example of a claim from a man who has never even spoken to me before making it. The Department of […]

We are perfecting redemption and I am seeing my fingerprints in significant process in the US District Courts from people who have been redeeming lawful money for years. This is encouraging that Michael Joseph and I are teaching reproducible lessons here and elsewhere.