The simplicity of this example is stimulating, while very revealing. This is a phone screen when the redeemed man clicked on a link to “Tax Documents” with his online banking.

MJ said: We cannot enter into a societal trust and benefit in business and increase by the mechanisms of that society and then think we should somehow be separate from the obligations and liabilities of that society.    This is the nature of “money markets”. And since the Housing Bubble where thousands of American homeowners […]

Greetings! David Merrill here. As thousands of people are enjoying redemption in their lives I am quite pleased with what an honor it has been to help people learn on this website. Here is an example of a claim from a man who has never even spoken to me before making it. The Department of […]

We are programmed to misidentify with the “real world” early by learning our given or Christian name or names (First Middle) but then quickly taught that our legal or full name is our true name – First Middle Last. Michael Joseph and I have been teaching redemption so long now that we both agree it […]

I have seen enough of the lawful money refunds applied to past tax liability (before redemption) to get the distinct feeling rounding out to $2,000 was like a fourteen year-old pouting, “Well! I don’t have to be happy about it and do good work!”