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Basic Trust Concepts

Unlock the Hidden Knowledge

the Rich have used for Centuries

to Retain their Wealth and Power!

You will learn:

  • How trusts have been applied by the rich and powerful for hundreds of years to maximize their assets.
  • The Biblical origins of trust law, how trust law essentially governs most all of our affairs and how to benefit from this knowledge.
  • How to maximize the privacy and protective benefits of these power house legal entities.
  • How to do business today without incorporating under the State – giving you flexibility and privacy.
  • How to use the trust to significantly reduce estate taxation.

We will teach you how to:

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  • Operate in commerce with trusts and how this can benefit you
  • Recognize a trust being formed either by written or verbal expression
  • Recognize the different offices of the trust and their duties
  • Apply these the principles of trust to protect and preserve your own family’s assets

You will benefit:

  • From the peace of mind these powerhouse legal entities can provide
  • From increase privacy in your business affairs
  • Through protecting your estate from frivolous litigation by unwarranted takers
  • From greater flexibility to conduct private contracts behind the trust veil
Assets Secure

Detailed Video Lesson Plans

The video lessons are designed to be detailed and deeply informative to assist you in understanding the “hidden contracts” that are all around us. These hidden contracts most times are unrealized and can be used by others to ensnare and control us. We form trust agreements every day many times without our knowledge or understanding. These relationships can be beneficial but many times are detrimental. Learn how to recognize the trust organization and begin to use it for your own benefit. The lessons are designed to lay a basic foundation for understanding these express trust.

Some Lesson components covered include:

  • Trust Persons: Creator, Settlor, Trustor, Grantor, Trustee, Director, Beneficiary, Trust Protector
  • Trust Nature: Irrevocable vs. Revocable
  • Trust Types: Implied vs. Express
  • What is required to setup a Trust
  • What are some uses of the Trust
  • Examinations of some famous Trusts
  • How to Establish Property Rights
  • What is an Estate, Property, Dominion and Ownership

and MUCH, MUCH more. This four part series will provide you with a Basic Overview of Trust Concepts.

Member Only Forums and Libraries!

We, at Myrtle Tree Solutions, have created Member Forums and an expansive Members Only Library of information for greater comprehension and research of the collective knowledge base. A place for community discussions and access to help with any problems you might encounter during the application of the trust concepts learned. The Member Forums will allow the student to not only communicate directly with the teachers but with other students as well. flie_cabinet_earth_1600_clr_12354 sm

 Business the ‘old fashioned way’

Until recently most if not all business was conducted thru a little known legal entity called the trust. For years the rich and wealthy utilized this lawful device to secure their wealth and ensure that it was safely passed to their heirs. Not only is the trust useful to convey and transfer estates it is also a very useful tool to do business. Today more than ever people are realizing that their privacy is becoming a scarce commodity.   The trust can accommodate privacy and protection for your affairs and your estate and it can do so much more!
handing_down_the_key_pc_1600_clr_4560 sm Take Action Today by learning how to use the trust to reclaim your privacy,  obtain peace of mind and secure your family’s wealth for many generations to come!
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