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Mind and Emotion Michael Joseph·Saturday, June 4, 2016   Originally Posted by anonymous:   The chemistry, some might say, tends to shadow spiritual activity to some extent. The deep psychology and technology of control of women is valuable to those who wish to control men. Few men seem to realize how utterly feral unregenerate women […]

STRONGHOLDS IN THE MIND Michael Joseph·Wednesday, April 20, 2016 Originally Posted by agm I suppose in a way, strongholds could be considered either false idols…..or being fearful/timid. Live one’s life in accordance with Psalm 91 (among others), and that is THE Stronghold we were meant to live by Response by MJ: 2Th 3:5 And the […]

An Old Religion   I have unfortunately noticed recently that quite a few folks are clinging to the “literal interpretations” of Scriptures.  While I do not dismiss the literal translations, I however do not dwell upon them.  This position of mine angers many peoples who cling desperately to their religions.  However St. Paul reflects that […]

EXPLORING A NAME   Many today go to the courts and leave the courthouse wondering where did the train come from that just ran them over.   It is our goal within this website to try to alleviate some of that confusion. Part of the confusion is oriented around the “name” in which the man or […]

IDENTITY Many people today go about their daily lives and they hardly stop to consider how precious identity is and for that matter how it is formed. Without getting too philosophical consider for a moment the “problem of identity”. Let us imagine that you and I have met and we determine that we want to […]