About Membership

About Membership

This Site is purposed to discuss remedies to the taxation systems in the United States and to discuss the nature of trusts and trust law, which essentially governs most of our affairs.  We have found, developed and implemented remedy which has allowed us to “opt out” of income taxation.  Myrtle Tree Solutions (“we” and “our”) provides education, including examples and other supporting documentation that will assist the new Member to begin to comprehend and then understand remedies available to the people.

We will provide documentation, lesson plans and a discussion forum in order to assist you in your education.  As with anything newly learned there may be some time required for a new member to fully grasp the nature of the remedy available for use.   One might be asking if remedy is available, why isn’t everyone doing it?  Well that is exactly the point now isn’t it?  Remedy has been effectively hidden from the eyes of the public such that while the public continues to operate in the status quo, effectively the public is its own worst enemy.

We hope to educate  our members the laws so that they can better comprehend the nature of the system which they have been operating within; and how to sanctify separating yourself to operate prosperously in cooperation of the law of that system.  You might say there is a conspiracy to keep the people ignorant of their remedies but then again, the first step to any remedy is to recognize that there is a problem.   We hope to show our members some of the problems and point out easily implemented remedies.

One might think that if remedy exists to income taxation in the United States then why haven’t our representatives informed us of it?  Well, that is a good question and we feel the following is direct evidence that a conspiracy exists to keep people in a separated status.  Effectively one who is forced to do anything against his or her will is, well in our opinion, a slave.  But that too is problematic because we know that involuntary slavery has been abolished.  And here is where the “rubber meets the road”.  We will show you, the member, how you did this to yourself and more importantly how you can develop a future without that error.  In other words, most people consent to be taxed in their own ignorance.  And this goes to the purpose of this website to educate you, the member, of your choices so that you are now equipped to make a conscious voluntary choice.  This website will show you the remedy intended for an overall redemption, how simple it is, and we will explain it clearly until you can see for yourself how reasonable it has been for Congress to provide the way for your financial and even spiritual redemption from the Fed’s elastic currency.  For one absent the knowledge of a choice does not have a choice at all.

Our expectation of the members is that you will become educated in both the problems and the remedies to those problems available at law and in equity.  We hope to provide materials to educate our members in subjects such as money, trusts, law and equity.  Essentially we seek to empower our members so that they can gain control over the contracts they seek to engage themselves in.

Our goal is provide education about the problems associated with the choices that most people make in regard to law and equity.  This will be taught in instructional video ‘Lessons’, devised as edifying, entertaining and stimulating productions, each Lesson is  developed with emphasizing text and other features such as ‘Footnotes’ to teach you quickly and effectively. The site is set up to be an  annual ongoing subscription ‘Membership’.  Each membership package gives our membership access to different portions of the Site.  Also, membership status allows our members access to different lessons as per their yearly membership.  Each membership package purchased allows you, the member, access to exclusive “back office” instructional videos, libraries and forums that teach each Lesson in great detail. Many of these productions will have Footnotes that go into details about application, execution and include success stories, anecdotes and provide court cases and other verifying and edifying documentation that would make the Lesson too lengthy to include in the basic instruction.

Over time the number of Lessons offered will build and with the exclusive “back office”, we will be improving in quality as we provide more Lessons and diversify product.  Should you yourself come up with a product or lesson idea please contact us and if developed by and exclusively licensed to LawfulMoneyTrust.com, you will be entitled to the share of the proceeds.

We can choose in our ignorance to subject ourselves in voluntary slavery or we might choose, with wisdom, to opt out of such a system of control.  So we naturally will want to discuss contracts, trusts, agreements and obligations and duties that arise out of such constructs.   As such, before one becomes a member of MyrtleTree Solutions or LawfulMoneyTrust.com we strongly suggest that you read carefully the following sections of our website:

NOTICE: Read the About Us, Disclosure Policy, Privacy Policy and Terms Of Use Agreement of the website.  It is part of the membership contract that you “know exactly” what you are becoming involved with here at MyrtleTree Solutions and LawfulMoneyTrust.com.   We do not accept new members that have not read and understood the foregoing agreements.

So we hope that you will make the choice to educate yourself.  If you choose to start educating yourself about the remedies available to you and the devices being cast upon you in order to control you; then, click the button below and you’ll be taken to a payment site.  Once you complete the payment, you will receive an automated registration email.  This process meets with ICANN and proper Internet Verification Protocols.  If you do not find this automated registration email within minutes of payment completion; please check your bulk and spam folders immediately.  If you don’t find this automated registration email then email: admin@LawfulMoneyTrust.com so that a new link can be generated and sent out to you promptly.

MyrtleTree Solutions and LawfulMoneyTrust.com are dedicated to providing education to provide our members with an educated Choice.  Most of you have always heard that the system is completely voluntary and the good news is that IT IS.  However, the system is only voluntary for those who have the education to see the choice.

So.…after reading everything as hereinbefore instructed, and when you’re ready.….click the link below.

Annual Memberships can be paid with Certified Funds!
[No private Checks please]

Mailed Certified Funds to:

c/o 7474 Creedmo0r Road; Suite 321
Raleigh, North Carolina, 27613

MYRTLETREE SOLUTIONS reserves a minimum of ten business days to setup the account.  However, you must register at the LawfulMoneyTrust.com to become a Site Member.


Disclaimer and Caveat

Site Membership on MYRTLETREE SOLUTIONS is in the form of an Annual draft.  You will be responsible for that “draft” and all informational details related to that draft.   Once you set up your account and complete the registration via the automated link that you will be sent to “Complete Registration”; your account and draft will be identified by a “Transaction ID”.   “We” will be able to “see the Transaction ID” in the Merchant account and in MyrtleTree Solution’s Back Office…BUT NOTHING MORE.  We will also see your “Username” and email address that you generate and input into MYRTLETREE SOLUTIONS once you have complied with the “double opt-in conditions” of ICANN that we have simplified for you.   WE WILL HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO ABILITY to change or alter this information.  WE HAVE NO ABILITY to see, alter or affect your financial information.  It is your “Private Information”…both for Annual Draft and for your MyrtleTree Solution’s Password Protected Account.

NEITHER WE, NOR THE MERCHANT ACCOUNT SERVICES…can operate outside the parameters of the Security System Database Software that runs this AUTOMATED SYSTEM.  Therefore, you cannot be overcharged or “double billed”.….UNLESS FOR SOME REASON.…you alter YOUR information and/or CREATE SOME PROBLEM.

If you do alter your information.…TAKE NO ACTION UNTIL YOU CONTACT US at:  admin@LawfulMoneyTrust.com.   Unless you can prove that there was some software glitch in our automation then, THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS OF ANY FUNDS FOR ANY LENGTH OF TIME OR PROBLEMS THAT YOU ENCOUNTER DUE TO YOUR ERRORS OR INCORRECT INFORMATION.…PARTICULARLY BILLING.

MEMBERSHIP SERVICES does not contemplate membership terms greater than one year.  It is the duty of the potential member to ensure that the proper dollar amounts are being paid for the services the member desires to engage.

Access to the Site will will generally fail using a Virtual Private Network (“VPN”) because a VPN routinely changes IP addresses to mask original location. The Membership Account may be blocked if multiple IP logins are logged over a period of time.

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