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(All without talking to your Boss or the HR Dept.)

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You will learn:

  • Why supporting the IRS and paying taxes is not the same as supporting your government. In fact the Federal Reserve is a direct contradiction to the idea of ‘proper’ banking as conceived by Thomas Jefferson, the writer of the Constitution.
  • The Scriptural Basis for redeeming which gives you the peace of mind that redeeming Lawful Money is not only lawful but your duty as a Christian.
  • How redeeming Lawful Money is the only plan that makes sense for Reducing the National Debt.
  • How Redeeming Lawful Money is a Lawful Peaceable Solution and eliminates the need for the more confrontational ‘Tax Protests’ or ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movements.
  • The difference between Public Contracting and Private Contracting!

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We will teach you how to:

  • Properly Open a Checking Account to redeem Lawful Money.
  • Correctly Endorse your hard earned pay check for lawful money. (This works even if you have direct deposit.)
  • Correctly Interpret the Federal Reserve Act so you can get your full withholdings refunded – all with the blessing of the IRS!
  • Custom_Contract_SignTeach you how to lawfully opt out of the private contract with the Federal Reserve System – of which the Constitution cannot help you – and you will learn how to make a use of Public Money of the State in accord with the Constitution.


You will benefit:

Uncle Sam

        • With a possible pay raise of 30% or more, you will be blessed with the ability to better support your family.
        • With this Pay Raise, you will be able to free up more time to spend with your family and focus on the things that truly matter to you and your God.
        • Help yourself and others by performing your patriotic duty to redeem private Family Coveredcredit into Lawful Money which will collectively Reduce the National Debt.
        • By educating yourself so that you might leave a legacy to your children’s children.

Uncle Sam Holding MoneyDetailed Video Lesson Plans

The video lessons are designed to be detailed and deeply informative to assist you not only in the proper way to Redeem Lawful Money but to understand the meaning of the policies and laws surrounding the Federal Reserve System. The Lawful Money Lesson Plan is composed of four lessons about three Essential Components that describe American Remedy in simple terms so the student can easily learn how to file and receive a Full Refund of withholdings from the IRS.


The three Essential Components are:



True Identity – Your identity within the IRS system and how it enslaves you as a ‘citizen’ and ‘taxpayer’. And how understanding your identity can set you free!

Confidential Box of Files

Record Forming – How to properly administrate your personal records to be in full compliance with the IRS administrative code. You will learn the concepts of keeping your own Court of Record as an evidence repository to help satisfy any claims and to bring peace between you and the IRS or, for that matter, any other party making false claims.

Lawful Money - Tax Scale Flat


Redeeming Lawful Money – This module is composed of two videos, along with the supporting footnotes, which educate the student regarding the two money systems that operate currently within the United States today. One money system carries obligations in taxation and the other one does not. Learn how to operate in true balances without extra burdens.



The Video Lessons are designed to be Expansive!


stick_figure_book_pileThe Video Lessons are designed so that Footnote Videos are available to give you additional details about history and law, enabling you to easily apply redemption of private credit into Lawful Money. You will comprehend how and why one is required to file a tax return. And you will learn the lawful means to file a return in order to receive a full refund of Personal Income Tax withholding.

Footnote Videos will be routinely amended to the Lawful Money Lesson Plan with the goal of providing an in depth understanding to you. Additional footnotes to the Lawful Money Lesson Plan shall address the finer points of redemption to give you a better insight into the lawful models used to Redeem private credit into Lawful Money.


Member Only Forums and Libraries!

group_discussion_pc_with_chat2We, at Myrtle Tree Solutions, have created Member Forums and an expansive Members Only Library of information for greater comprehension and research of the collective knowledge base, a place for community discussions and access to help for any problems you might encounter within this redemption remedy. The Member Forums will allow the student to not only communicate directly with the teachers but with other students as well.


The Proven ‘American Remedy’

Mailbox_with_check_All of ItThe Lawful Money Lesson Plan is formed on both the reliable real life experiences of hundreds of ‘suitors’ (a term from the ‘saving to suitors’ clause of 1789 – more on this in the Members Only area) and the ongoing experiences of students like you as shared on the Member Only Forums. You benefit from redeeming private credit into Lawful Money by reducing your taxation significantly, which creates more wealth and time and helps to alleviate the burden of the national debt from yours and others shoulders. Effectively you have become your “brother’s keeper”. The American Remedy as taught here raises the collective social conscience to the absurdity of elastic currency, the injustice of false balances and insanity of using debt as a basis for money worldwide.


Don’t Wait Any Longer to Get Real Tax Relief!

Your Family Will be Glad You Did!

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