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Franchise Tax Board eases up

Hi there, I just heard from a suitor on the brain trust:


Hey David,


I really enjoy reading your broadcasts.I feel like I have not read one in a while….


Anyways, Some good news to report, the FTB has stopped sending me presentments. 

I am also getting ready to fill out 2023 TAX forms. So I am sure I will be seeing something after I send those in.


Thanks again for everything you do. and I am sure I have some friends who would be very interested in your teachings.


Many Thanks,


Praise be to God and Lawful Money Trust!

My 2022 Federal Tax Return with Lawful Money Demand came back! All reviewed and approved! Just waiting for the State Return by mail now.



Contemplation and Calculation

This new suitor Refused for Cause a FrivPen notice in early July.


According to the IRS site, our refund has been applied to a former outstanding balance…which was the case prior to receiving the FFN. Maybe the FFN was just a bluff to see if I would cave…
 I have not been experiencing any anxiety, in fact, I have felt the most peace and calm ever since applying the r4c process.
Kelly L
Deep down she can detect that by applying her refund to liability she accrued before she was making her demand for redemption (of lawful money), that the IRS agent and attorneys have calculated according to the law. Contemplation.

The ‘person’ did not participate in the Federal Reserve System

A person paid a fee to the local clerk of court. The amount ended up to be an over payment so there was a balance due to the person. The clerk of the court sent a check for the over payment to the person and the person marked it Refused For Cause and sent it back to the clerk saying that the person did not participate in the Federal Reserve System and had no way to cash the check and made a demand for lawful money. Three weeks went by and the person got a letter stating that an attorney was investigating what could be done. A week later the person received a blank Postal Money Order for the amount. Interesting the PMO was totally blank except for the amount.

Thomas Robert
Bronze Membership

We sleep better at night knowing we will not lose our home!

Years ago Michael Joseph helped my husband and I to place our vehicles into trust. He showed us how to obtain insurance in the name of the trust and how to obtain checking accounts in the name of the trust. The trust allows us to have privacy and it protects from those who fall into “road rage”. If they ever look up the tag all they will find is a mailing location for a trustee. We sleep better at night knowing that if we end up in an accident one day and the insurance will not cover the damages in totality we will not lose our home or our family business to those who think themselves entitled to everything.

Terri L.
Stork Vehicle Trust
Gold Membership

Lawfully escape the unjust tax system we are all burdened with

I have been in the “Truth Seeking” movement for almost twenty years now. During that time I have seen a lot of “surefire” remedies presented as to how to legally avoid paying taxes. It was not until I met Michael Joseph that I have learned how to properly and lawfully escape the unjust tax system we are all burdened with. With this detailed, secure and sound study of exactly how we become ensnared in the government ‘money pit’, I am now blessed with an education that enables me to enjoy a new found freedom from the worry and angst that typically encompasses one when dealing with the IRS and tax issues. Thank you MJ.

Allen W.
Two Fishes Trust
Gold Membership

I did not feel powerless when it came to money!

During my own studies I knew I was on to something in regards to using Lawful Money. What that was and how to use it properly was another story… then I met David Merrill and with his unique style of teaching allowed me the breakthrough moment of understanding Lawful Money and how to use it. For once in my life I did not feel powerless when it came to money. Through David Merrill I had the pleasure of meeting Michael Joseph who taught me how to take Lawful Money to a whole new level using trust structures. Michael Joseph’s inherent ability to integrate God’s Law with man’s legal system is uncanny and has changed my view of this world and how to exist here peacefully and with honor (especially with the 3 letter agencies). These two men, through their deeds, have proven to me without a doubt that Lawful Money exists and can be used to change your financial life for the better!! God Bless you in your endeavors.

Mark Christopher
White Rabbit Trust
Silver Membership

MJ helped to structure my business affairs in a very private way

MJ helped me to structure my business affairs so that I am able to do business in a very private way. He helped me to create an unincorporated business trust organization that I have now been operating under for close to five years. With the knowledge of Lawful Money my trustees are empowered to lawfully engage the system in peace. We continue to be blessed with this knowledge and its application. We have peace in our business and we have more resources now to do the things that we really desire.

Larry T.
WHT Business Trust
Gold Membership

MJ helped me to retain my privacy

Michael Joseph helped me to structure a contract for beneficial interest to purchase, in private, 100 percent interest in an existing land trust. This helped me to evade dispute with a nasty neighbor who was making unjust claims. My neighbor just thinks of me as a renter and he has no idea that I am the true owner. MJ helped me to retain my privacy and my neighbor has no dispute with me because as far as he is concerned I am not the owner.

John B.
DE Land Trust
Gold Membership

MJ takes complex subject matter and makes it understandable

I have known Michael Joseph for almost seven years now. As I got to know him, it amazed me how adeptly he could take a complex subject, like trust law and break it down so that even someone as “legally blonde” as I am can understand it. Through this education I have been blessed in multiple ways, and now have peace of mind secure in the knowledge that my estate will pass to my heirs intact and unburdened with probate or estate taxes. Thanks again MJ, you rock man!

Allen W.
Two Fishes Trust
Gold Membership

Tax time is no longer a time of anxiety

Tax time is no longer a time of anxiety. The understanding of Lawful Money and who I am were presented to me by David and Michael and has dispelled the fear I once carried! These 2 men have provided me with the tools and the knowledge to take back my life. The techniques I have used are Lawful and Legal and have given me a very nice raise at the end of the payday! Learn a new way to handle money and prosper. It really is that easy.

Mark Christopher
White Rabbit Trust
Silver Membership


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