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Mind and Emotion Michael Joseph·Saturday, June 4, 2016   Originally Posted by anonymous:   The chemistry, some might say, tends to shadow spiritual activity to some extent. The deep psychology and technology of control of women is valuable to those who wish to control men. Few men seem to realize how utterly feral unregenerate women […]

STRONGHOLDS IN THE MIND Michael Joseph·Wednesday, April 20, 2016 Originally Posted by agm I suppose in a way, strongholds could be considered either false idols…..or being fearful/timid. Live one’s life in accordance with Psalm 91 (among others), and that is THE Stronghold we were meant to live by Response by MJ: 2Th 3:5 And the […]

A New Consciousness   Many times today we hear folks complaining about the status quo and specifically about their “leadership.”  But consider did the status quo just spontaneously come into existence, or is the effect of the current world condition the result of causes that happened long ago?  Consider the folly of the one who […]

The Bride and the Wedding Guests Have you ever wondered why the Holy Scriptures declare the following: So those servants went out into the highways, and gathered together all as many as they found, both bad and good: and the wedding was furnished with guests. …For many are called, but few are chosen. Matthew 22:10 […]

The Two Kingdoms Many churches today and for that matter “charitable trusts” charter their organizations typically in what they perceive to be the only choice available that being an organization founded UNDER the laws of the Secular State. We say secular because clearly when we look around today the State seems to be wholly opposed […]

Restoring the Breach! There are Four powers in the Earth. Religion, Politics, Education, and Finance. What is most despicable, at least to me, is Religion.  Specifically false religion.  For there is only one true religion and that is to teach the right hand and the left hand which is to say visit the Fatherless and […]

Has Government Become God?   Whilst observing the political scene and reflecting on what seems to be bias in the lack of coverage of the only Constitutionalist, Ron Paul… I observed within myself the following thought:“If we could just fix that, everything would be all right”. I notice the different “sides” squaring off over the “loss” […]

The Test Have you considered how subtle the Trust is? Consider the Serpent in the Garden. Adam and Eve had been granted the Use of Property established by God. Notice that God even formed their Body, Soul and Spirit. Therefore God owned the Property. Adam and Eve did not own the Property! The only aspect […]

We the People Have you ever wondered about the words “We the People of the United States”? I know I have. As a boy my civics teacher informed me that I was one of those people. That I was a member of that particular society of Special Interests. What saddened me was the day I […]