A New Consciousness


Many times today we hear folks complaining about the status quo and specifically about their “leadership.”  But consider did the status quo just spontaneously come into existence, or is the effect of the current world condition the result of causes that happened long ago?  Consider the folly of the one who complains and yet does absolutely nothing to try to effect change.  Most times I would prefer to not even have a discussion with these type of folk for to complain absent action is, well, a complete waste of time.


But what of the brave few who seek a “better path” in order to effect real change that benefits not only self but society in general.  This seeker of knowledge must first know that he/she cannot change the current condition.   For the cause that promoted the current effect was put in place long ago.  All that one can do is perform deeds with might cause a “new effect” in the future.


Considering the structure of government and the foregoing premise, to sit about and do nothing but complain and think to “vote” new men or women into office to run the trust system called government is not proper causality.  For the consciousness remains the same.  Therefore it is akin to doing exactly nothing, or you might say, doing the same thing, but expecting a different immediate result.  Immediate results do not occur most times in nature.   Effect occurs by a process of time operating on the Cause.  Speaking now in the first person, with attempt not to project upon another and for ease of reference, it is therefore in my mind where the process begins.  I begin to recognize that “something is wrong” and with that revelation, I begin to seek for solutions to the wrong.  These thoughts proceed the deed which will eventually manifest upon the physical plane propagating the cause that will hopefully promote a future beneficial effect.


Therefore first in the mind, then in the physical, is the cause projected that will eventually bring about the effect.  A slave state is a result of thousands of years of causality.   Consider the movie the Matrix and the conversation between the three heroes and the Merovingian.   The Merovingian had it right.  The power to bring about change is understanding WHY the effect has come to be.  Without the knowledge of WHY one is unable to change the effect.  Therefore one is completely powerless.  It is interesting to me how the “villain” speaks the truth but with a twist.  He then says there is no free will – which is a lie.  For all Causes are birthed in the Mind – a Choice.


You can see the Witchcraft that this Merovingian promotes – he says free will is an illusion and today many folks are beginning to see themselves as mere pawns being pushed to and fro on a chess board by what they will simply term “the Elite”.  Or you can give it a magical name such as “Illuminati” if you like, but it matters not.  In that one’s mind in fact a giant exists which prevents that one from entering in and beginning to possess that which is a Natural Right.  Rather, that one is controlled by man’s law which is oppression based in fear.  Meaning there is no obedience arising out of Love rather the obedience is coerced by a fear response!


The obedience to man’s law is not moral or ethical at all for the one in power has the ability to change or reverse said law at the whim of the political power he/she controls.  Therefore what is right today is wrong tomorrow and no morality exists in a system where fear based oppression is propagated at the end of a gun.  Do what your Dictator says or else.  This is not Capitalism, Socialism or even Communism this is Fascism.  And the interesting aspect is that the men and women who complain the most about the system are the very ones who uphold the system in their apathy.   But a suppliant before the master is a mere pawn and cannot change anything.


Therefore again the Merovingian is right.  KEY THOUGHT:  Those who do not comprehend the WHY cannot effect change.  For these lack knowledge on how the “House was built”.  The Eagles knew, or maybe the songwriter did, that “in the masters chambers they gather for the feast, they stab it with their steely knives but they just can’t kill the beast”.  One cannot create a change with the same consciousness that CAUSED the effect.


Indeed friends, the remedy is between our ears.  If I go seeking statutes to find remedy, then I am trying to create an effect without understanding of the cause.  Rather it is more appropriate to properly frame the remedy that I seek within the context of the laws created that govern the Use.  Without proper context in contemplation of the nature of remedy sought, I would remain powerless.  For by my mere usage of said statute I show myself to be a subject to the laws that govern the Use.  Said another way – just ask me any question and at once you are confronted with a dilemma:


  1. Do you think I am a liar? – if such you are a fool.  For why would you ask a liar anything?

  2. Do you trust that I am truthful? – if such you have placed an implied trust in me for you sit awaiting the benefit of the truth.


We are all faced with origins – if you let your mind go back in time you will come to a point whereof was the first trust deed.  Who performed it and WHY.  What was the purpose?