David Merrill here. As thousands of people are enjoying redemption in their lives I am quite pleased with what an honor it has been to help people learn on this website.

Here is an example of a claim from a man who has never even spoken to me before making it. The Department of Justice has already defaulted in silence but the “judge” has instructed him to serve summons and complaint on the State US Attorney according to rule. So in a few days we will see if we have a final default, as the sixty days comes due.


My point being that Michael Joseph and I have been explaining remedy clearly enough that people can read it and understand it. When the IRS decided to push for a Frivolous Penalty against this fellow he filed a civil suit in a standard fashion, pro se but with an attorney. Apparently the attorney did not do him right though, and missed the rule about serving the local US attorney as well as the US Attorney General.

Service to the agent is service to the principal and vice versa. So in my opinion this matter was settled by default already. But the redeemed Plaintiff wishes for a Judgment from the federal judge, in his favor and as the local US Attorney goes into default this should become very interesting.

The State US Attorney will likely wait until day 59 of the 60 to file a motion to dismiss. So I am keeping an eye on it.


David Merrill.