We the People

We the PeopleHave you ever wondered about the words “We the People of the United States”? I know I have. As a boy my civics teacher informed me that I was one of those people. That I was a member of that particular society of Special Interests. What saddened me was the day I found out I was not! Today we hear men espousing the same doctrines mostly to their demise as they go into courts claiming certain property rights established in a contract that they were not parties to. Is it no wonder the current state of affairs is not worse than it already is?

As I said, I too was under this illusion for many years until I realized the Trust formations, I learned about the structure of Trust how it is BUILT – who are the players and the offices therein established. When I learned how the Trust works as a Legal and Lawful entity, THEN I began to see. And once I could see then I found my evidence that the society of People who make up the United States [Law Boundary] are not the same who make up the States [Law Boundary]. Now I know you are probably wanting evidence of these ridiculous claims, right: How about two witnesses?

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