If you have been around the block, and especially if you are new to redemption of lawful money you might get this as just another perspective of the same thing. In fact I have been conversing with a retired corporate hatchet man who moved into the Catholic church as a Deacon specializing in Last Rites. Redemption takes on many forms.

Discharge it Forward then, is obviously a spoof on Pay it Forward, a slogan meaning pass on the tithe, no need to Pay it Back, extend the same kindness onward as you feel right. Once I picked up a hitchhiker going south out of Denver. Somebody stole one of his bags with $2K cash in it and he was headed to his son’s home in Phoenix instead of taking his welding/machining job lined up in Denver. He needed to recover. When I let him out I gave him $100 and he wept. He picked up his remaining bag and headed back to Denver. Apparently I had also given him hope.

I am asking that you might view endorsement of private credit from the Fed, the naked contract signature on the backside of a paycheck as a promise to be passing the bill along to the next businessman (or private individual) intact as private credit. Your signature in endorsement is your promise to secure the value of the bill in private credit while it is in your possession (vault) as a private bank.

Notice how the requirements to become a member (state) bank in the Fed’s central bank business were waived by 1935:

In order to facilitate - the People participating in central banking...