Mind and Emotion
Michael Joseph·Saturday, June 4, 2016


Originally Posted by anonymous:   The chemistry, some might say, tends to shadow spiritual activity to some extent. The deep psychology and technology of control of women is valuable to those who wish to control men. Few men seem to realize how utterly feral unregenerate women can be despite all pretenses and outer appearances.


Response by MJ: You know that is a wise statement. Many men don’t realize that the woman is being used to manipulate the man. I would go so far as to say that the woman does not realize this as true either. So the blind lead the blind and they both end up in the ….


We see this in external forms as in male and female but when one looks internally one has to admit that when emotion leads the mind trouble ensues. Of course this is most notable in the fear response for security and lack or want.


Bernays taught the “children of the West” how to easily manipulate the emotion. And this is evident in the Policy to pacify the public with “no money down and easy monthly payments.” In other words: “give the public whatever it desires.”


But alas this policy will always fail for one day the banker will demand payment [war] and She will send Him off to fight for all of her wants and desires. And when a gun is thrust into Johnny’s hand [by his daddy], Johnny will gladly take the gun. And Johnny’s daddy for FEAR of the ire of his peers will gladly put that gun into Johnny’s hand for he fought in his time and Johnny will go to war. Because – by God – the women will have what they want. It is the way of carnality.


And with GREAT PRIDE and also TREMENDOUS FEAR, Johnny will go to war so that he and others can eat their Chicken Fried and their Cold Beer on a Saturday Night – wear a pair of jeans that fit just right and listen to their radio songs…..I wonder if one in a million can even spot the programming.


Is this not trauma based mind control building alters of fear and lust and greed in the minds [men] and desires [women] of Man-Kind?


Let me be a bit more blunt: and I don’t mean to be cruel but nevertheless I will call it like I see it: Drones CREATING and LEADING new Drones. Seems Johnny has one hand on his rifle and another on his gun! You older folks will get that one.


When I began to explore my own psyche, then I began to get a better understanding on external relationships. For at once the Drone always seeks his/her OWN. And is easily manipulatable – just don’t show him/her any attention – and he/she will come running for that one desires everyone to Love/Like him/her. And thusly in the converse of this manipulation game is the “friend zone” whereupon the “daddy pleaser” who just can never seem to please – places the object of her ire as the manipulation target of her desire. For he/she [Emotion] will declare SERVE ME.


This is not just a female thing. For how many males do you see who are also weak in their emotional form who hold up the woman as worthy to be praised? And they allow the woman to run all over them. For these weak minded ones have surrendered their mind to emotion. This cuts both ways – and what we really seek is BALANCE in the TEMPLE. Where the man [mind] and the woman [emotion] are ONE in union. Both are equally yoked to the plow.


I think it was Adam Curtiss who created the wonderful film HAPPINESS MACHINES – part 1 of a 4 part series. I highly recommend this series to everyone to watch.


The Mob is Fickle brother – thus the Circus.


The Mind is being controlled not by need but by WANT. And this is akin to the woman ruling over the man. And that which is within is also without. Or you can say that which is above is also below. Let me be clear ladies, if you think me to disparage you, then re-read. I speak to emotion and mind of which now more specifically Natures of Being.


Now extrapolate the female to look at a society as a emotionally controlled female. Does the male really want to dominate the female [individual form] or is dominion more about societies and states of being? See how when one comprehends these internal “forces” then one immediately gets a better handle on the external forces which drive the mass.


The mob is irrational – not driven by the Mind but by the Spinal Cord – this is the FALL OF MAN in the garden. For the Spine is the Serpent in the midst of the garden. The FIVE lords of the Philistines are the five senses. And one can easily see that the inner analogy also expresses externally. We can see that when the mass is self-centered that the self-centered society will always have a ruler to rule them. For the inner response to control everything manifests without as one to rule them all.


Then one begins to see the desires as feminine and the thoughts as male. For at once we can now come above the physical [matter] and begin to get a peek at Spirit. For the TREES in the Garden are that of Perception. And when the mass begins to perceive thru the five sense limited state of being, then mankind has fallen. And now in man’s fallen state the woman is not equal with the man but rather the woman [emotion] must be put in check.


Else, look around what do you see? The mind is hypnotized by irrational thought and the emotion is given her “heart’s desire.” The woman being subject to the man is a fallen state WITHOUT the Garden of God. Thusly the understood psychology of an individual gives one seeking dominion the power to control the mass with social psychology. And now EVERYTHING must be sold. Even the concept of State must carry a BRAND.


And now look around at the minds which cannot think because they do not think. These have stopped exercising their minds and as such, their minds have atrophied. The mass and thusly the individual has been transformed into the image of consumer [locust] which can never have enough for their bellies must be full and their sexuality satisfied. Thusly we can see that man at his social core in the mass must be kept in a state of discontent so that said man can be controlled. This again returns us to the “daddy pleaser”. For all the men in her life use her and abuse her and she always returns to her abusers trying to please so that she might FEEL something ANYTHING?


God help the one that falls under her abuse. For this poor fool will be manipulated to do just about anything she desires. For now she has power and she exercises her power in the only way she knows by dangling a carrot of sex or benefit – which, by the way, will NEVER manifest. For once she grants the carrot, which is her power, she loses her power! And at once she falls headlong into the pit of “daddy pleaser”. What a horrible cycle.


If you think this is only about men and women – next time you at a ball game and you hear the “star spangled banner” – SIT DOWN and remain SEATED. And study yourself carefully and you will see and know – maybe for the first time – just how controlled and docile you have become. Be sure to take your hat off YOUR HEAD and place it over your HEART so that you might express without that you are being dominated and controlled and made docile by and thru your EMOTIONS.


To stand without the mass is to be an outcast today. And if one is outcast, then one may as well have leprosy. Consider not the haircut, or the casual clothing [dress], but consider the OPINIONS of the day. Pray tell who will you vote for? ROFLMAO – my answer is “I don’t vote.” So I sit down and take my leave of such non-sense. I will go into my attic and into the Wilderness where I go to be with God. For I can no longer be “courted” by a “false spirit.”  I choose a Theocracy.


One cannot make a change until one understands and knows the methods and means of which one is being controlled. I refuse to sit under my gourd. Now onward to Nineveh to make a difference.


To your success, Michael Joseph