At least that is what I hope people get from these HAMP 2 success stories. Debt and redemption are mutually exclusive concepts. Since last year there have been instances where the husband enjoys redeeming lawful money by demand, and the wife is hesitant. When the couple presents tax returns the bank handling the refinancing cannot consider there to be any (taxable) income by the breadwinner husband.

Hi David,

Yes I did do that already. 2% mortgage is very nice. I’ve had for about a year now.

This suitor is speaking about refinancing his home through HAMP.

Hey MJ,

Yes, you had a big hand in getting this. It was earlier on in the process but I truly believe God puts certain people at certain places to make certain outcomes possible. It was funny when I was getting it as everyone was confused with my 1040’s that I had to submit for income verification. One of the attorneys was asking me questions about this but after a couple days they just went silent and I thought oh no we aren’t going to get the HAMP. A lot of weird things happened but again I think that is just God getting the ducks lined up.

So now the couple enjoys the security of the bank’s blessing, and has very affordable monthly payments, based solely on the wife’s income.

Again, while this is a great selling point for new members here it is a great mental exercise to ponder how and why the bank attorneys would after consideration exclude the husbands income from their financial calculations?