During my own studies I knew I was on to something in regards to using Lawful Money. What that was and how to use it properly was another story… then I met David Merrill and with his unique style of teaching allowed me the breakthrough moment of understanding Lawful Money and how to use it. For once in my life I did not feel powerless when it came to money. Through David Merrill I had the pleasure of meeting Michael Joseph who taught me how to take Lawful Money to a whole new level using trust structures. Michael Joseph’s inherent ability to integrate God’s Law with man’s legal system is uncanny and has changed my view of this world and how to exist here peacefully and with honor (especially with the 3 letter agencies). These two men, through their deeds, have proven to me without a doubt that Lawful Money exists and can be used to change your financial life for the better!! God Bless you in your endeavors.