Good Afternoon All:

I am a new member and have definitely understand the redeeming in lawful money concept. However, does anyone know to to get a CPA on-board with completing this procedure? I printed David Merrill’s pdf file which pretty much explains how to do it on the 1040 tax form but my previous CPA seems resistant on doing this. I decided to talk to my fiancé’s CPA and she seems more open as she said she knows there are tax laws that she isn’t aware of but she needed time to review it. Thoughts on where I can point her to?

Thank you!

Greetings and Welcome;

Welcome to a transition in humanity – a paradigm shift. There is such momentum behind central banking, SDR’s, endorsement etc that our very transcript and history (record and message [mRNA]) are being rewritten in order to extend the Treasury Bubble – treasuries are engaged in a money market. Since you say that you grasp redemption of lawful money, I extend that with confidence you intuitively sense the extent of my implication.

Mr. Giovanni PAZ (818) 743-8890 has developed an online tax accountant service around redemption so to assist in lawful money refunds. Your fiance’s CPA can quickly grasp how this is done, from this one example. But keep in mind that the only reason I have this example as a teaching tool is that the IRS is balking about the refund. For me the reason is clear – a traditional money market – MORTGAGE – death promise, is being dragged reluctantly into the Redemption (global stimulus). Look at Page 4. The same Super Jubilee occurred 2,520 years from the capture of the Temple Mount in 503 BC in 2016 with redemption of the Pope(s) but that is a lengthy story (published collaterally in Colorado) about the Vatican, Square Mile and District of Columbia as Triumvirate

This example is an isolated incident. Mr. PAZ inquired and the IRS said they were sending frivolous penalty papers (3 times) that of course, never arrived in the mail. In other words, for tax returns that do not include the Schedule about interest on the mortgage, everything has been consistent and refunds are very prompt. The remedy is to serve the Principal at UN IMF. Keep the return simple – just the exact income on the W-2 and the Withholdings only. Do not even answer the 2020 cybercurrency question. What you do with your money is no longer the IRS business. You are now outside the scope of debt. Redemption is not debt and vice versa – exclusively mutual ultimatum, debt and redemption. They do not mix at all. 

Welcome to high adventure! This is really getting good.