We have experienced a couple suitors having the US Treasury (YELLEN) forward the Return Receipt card for the 1040 Form to an IRS campus, without signing the receipt card at the US Treasury. I have fashioned a clerk instruction for an evidence repository so to publish the (sanitized) 1040 on PACER, then send the pdf to Monumental Process Servers who will hand serve the original and sanitized pdf with PACER markings on the Janet Louise YELLEN at the US Treasury. That should do it.

It is the law – Title 12 USC 411 so it may come as no surprise that attorneys at the treasury are dodging the process in order to slow or stop redemption. The diversion probably involves convincing the mailman that the US Treasury has authority to override the Return Receipt (green card) process in the Domestic Mail Manual. That illusion is probably easy to pull off because of the building. A report to a postal inspector will typically fix things.