Interest 2023

Please notice (again, this is my favorite quick teaching tool) “Fed Assets Current” on a search engine. You should strike a hit:

Then look at Footnote 2. Special Drawing Rights by my definition are, The measure of social conditioning to blindly endorse private credit from the local central bank. 

This is worth some thought as we endeavor into national digital currency competition for your mind’s eye. That is all there is behind CBDC is the same mental conditioning to be the confidence and security-building measures supporting the delusion that debt is substantial in support of currency and value, for that matter.

Even gold metal is severely limited in actual life sustaining value until you study out the Holy Bible to find that gold is fine white powder – manna from heaven.

The national debt has been suspended for quite some time as assets are exchanged in extraordinary ways, with China owning well over 20% of the US Treasury bonds, while rattling sabers about Taiwan’s independence. There was a gesture indicating TRUMP has declared the 1871 Corporation completely washed out bankrupt, before the Pope and Queen (Triumvirate).

My point is that none of this has effected Title 12 USC 411 in the least. Redeemed is outside the scope of the SDR and its subjugation. If you are here interested in redeeming lawful money, there is still time and the time is now to begin.

Wealth to you all!

David Merrill.