David Merrill here. This article is designed to define some parameters about responsibility. Recently a very anxious redeemer of lawful money PM’d Admin here looking for help with a 3176C Letter (Frivolous Return) with only four days left on the IRS deadline. As you view the pictures below you will see that my Lesson Plan ($5K) demonstrates many years of experience and especially when calculating the 30% pay raise advertised is well worth the money invested. However this man did not have the funds to hire me for my Lesson Plan – for me to articulate his first Refusal for Cause – Item 2:

  1. true identity
  2. record forming – Refusal for Cause
  3. redeeming lawful money

Plus the new suitor is joindered into the brain trust, about 135 suitors who have all been through my Lesson Plan. We discuss remedy as well as health and spirituality. It is a true treasure chest of accumulated knowledge and experience. 

So I told this fellow to sign up for Gold Membership and schedule (pay for) a Mentor Hour with me as quickly as he could. We have levels of security to protect some of the intellectual property here. So it may take technician approval to get on the forums, which may take a few hours. The man had password troubles and began accusing me/us of robbery. I advised an immediate refund and he was very upset. In my defense, I felt that he was expecting that for the $1K instead of $5K I was going to make the IRS do something, like quit the frivolous filing process. 

If you are thinking that I have that kind of influence, then you best sit out redemption.

The best solution is to buy the Silver or Gold membership first, and study, study, study. I encourage you to redeem lawful money for a full tax year and file accordingly, to your knowledge and understanding. Freeing your mind from the rigors of debt establishes a truly lovely setting for your daily experience. But if you get snagged up with frivolous filing paper you should be ready to become a Gold Member, and set up an hour. I like to do that on Skype so to link you a clear audio recording of my instructions. You can likely get an evidence repository set up and notice to YELLEN at the US Treasury.

Between StSC linked and here, with an audio recording, if you are smart enough to be making demand you are likely able to get something like this process in admiralty executed on your own.

These first three pages will give you a feel about the level of operation my Lesson Plan acquires for you. Find and search “New Jersey New York” for Doc 1, 11 Pages in the opening post. It includes R4C on the Chief Judge’s oath of office used for leverage to apply the law. In this example, New Jersey bills for a share of New York’s revenue. There are that many people who commute from New Jersey to Manhattan to work every day.



R4C New Jersey Billing Page 1


R4C New Jersey Billing Page 2

Page 3