I feel that Jim and I have ended war, just as Jim declared in late 2014 from the base of the Castle. After 153 years (April 15, 1861) the Trading with the Enemy Act is “Omitted” from the Bankers’ Code – Title 12 USC 95a-95b.

When heritage and destiny are coherent there is peace.   Who we are is much more than what we have become since birth, or even conception for that matter. We are composed of a lineage or genome, the memory of where we come from – starting with our parents at the moment of conception then their parents, our grandparents and then so on… Our ancestors describe to us our heritage in the world.  Destiny is something we can determine by the choices we make. We describe the current moment by choices we have made or avoided during our lifetimes. If we listen carefully and study vigilantly then we equip ourselves to make the decisions that identify what kind of men and women we have become and even what will become of us in the future.   With wisdom we describe what we are meant to be by design of our heritage. That is what I mean by peace.