Many today go to the courts and leave the courthouse wondering where did the train come from that just ran them over.   It is our goal within this website to try to alleviate some of that confusion.

Part of the confusion is oriented around the “name” in which the man or woman undertakes in all of his or her personal and business affairs.  It is the opinion of the author that the “Birth Certificate” evidences a name under the Seal of the State of record.  If I make a use of that name for my business dealings, then I am undertaking, as Trustee, for the kingdom or state that gave issue to that name!


THEREFORE, in my humble opinion, that “numbered name” is not my property.  In fact since it is not my property, any matter involving that name is completely within the jurisdiction of the State that issued the number and the name!  And since the United States and the States created “a more perfect Union” both the State and Federal governments have jurisdiction and executive administration over that “name”.

At once, I see a trust, as beneficiary of another trust organization.  A name therefore is a Person. For a man is not his name!  A name is merely a matter of convenience setup so that relationships might be established.

Hebrews 1:4  Being made so much better than the angels, as he hath by inheritance obtained a more excellent name than they.

We can take from the proceeding Scripture that a name holds interests as in a “good name” is one that has value.  Therefore by consent – or by voluntary choice – one undertakes in a particular name.  And one who undertakes is either the “de-jure” trustee or the “de-facto” trustee.   Either way if he acts as trustee he gets the “pleasure” of being a fiduciary.

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