In times past I have heard all sorts of discourse concerning a “lost word” and for years this concept plagued me for it immediately begs secret knowledge that was once known but then lost due to ineptness or for other reasons. But recently, upon considering the right to refuse to contract, I considered what it means to REFUSE FOR CAUSE an offer to contract. And, then at once like lightening from the East, I knew what the lost word was and is: The lost word is “No”!


It seems like such an inconsequential word but consider society today and what appears to be men and women who seem to undertake in a completely submissive posture.   On one hand they will stand around the water fountain and complain and complain about the current status quo, but then you ask well what do you plan to do about it, there is no response save “somebody should do something.”  What is really being said is that “I am a subject to another man’s will. I cannot do anything about this so I have consented to slavery and oppression.”


Now consider in the Biblical account we learn that mankind knows the difference between good and evil. Notice at once the term “DIFFERENCE”. Good and evil are not the same. These are like Light and Darkness. This is not as Cold and Hot which is measured by degrees and is relative, rather there is a distinct difference. We all know oppression when we see and experience it. The question remains what are we going to do about it? Consider, is slavery okay? Any rational human being will immediately concur that all forms of slavery should be abolished. So then, again are certain “forms of slavery” okay? And again, rationalism will only cause one to reflect that all “forms of slavery” needs be abolished.


New question: Who will abolish the forms of slavery?


And here is where I come back to the Lost Word. Whenever I find a societal pressure to accept slavery in any form, I CHOOSE – I say again I CHOOSE to say “No.”   It is my choice to make a stand against evil in all of its forms. Slavery for instance, cannot be supported and is repugnant to the conscience of most men and women. So then, when I choose to say No, I am saying No to contract to any form of slavery. This means that I choose not to accept any benefit, be it money or property interests, such that my conscience is seared to accept forms of slavery. In order to possess the ability to say “No”, I must at once have knowledge of the trappings of contract so that I might have a choice.   Otherwise, I am a mere pawn because I have no knowledge of the underlying causes which brought about the current choices.   Said another way “he who does not know he has a choice, has no choice.”

Saying no to evil is akin to shepherding your brother. For at once I am with the liability of my choice and if I choose to remain part of the problem, then the problem persists. Therefore, the solution lies upon my shoulders. Which is to say between my ears. I hear many today complaining about how the international banking scheme operates and yet few are willing to make a stand for change.   One man or woman with the courage to just say “No” has time and again changed the world.   Men and women have been programmed into a very passive state of mind and this author finds this condition to be very disturbing. A docile society can easily be manipulated by fear and greed. Consider the “war mongers” who state it is easy to get the people to go to war – even if they don’t want to go – just scare them and tell them their standard of living is threatened!   Think me insane?, well just look around today and you tell me. Are you part of the problem or part of the solution. Do you have the courage to learn the truth so that you might be about your Divine purpose subject to Divine will. Otherwise we will all be found under the will of another human being.  


Consider now the maxim that “the borrower is slave to the lender.” And stop to consider society in terms of the consciousness of a single being. Imagine you stand above this being in understanding you know how to get this societal consciousness to move or react. How will you control such a beast? You can’t overtly use power [military or police] because such an inwardly, carnal minded beast mind is only focused on itself therefore eventually [very quickly] rebellion would arise. So there must be other more subtle ways to control such a beast mind [societal submissive state]. And looking around it is immediately noticeable.   A great and financially powerful people can be totally dominated by fear and greed.   Fear of a military campaign against self or society and greed of loss and gain. We have already addressed the former but now the latter.


A society and for that matter even its smallest unit the individual can be totally controlled by and thru commercial means. Basically what I mean by that is the individual is given opportunity to obtain everything that which his/her heart desires thru low down payment [usually zero down] and easy monthly payments [for the rest of one’s life]. Thus the greed of the public is only partially satiated. The greed of the individual can NEVER be fully satiated because the individual must always be seeking to find happiness. And we can see that military or police powers can help to maintain or take away that happiness.   Once the individual and therefore the society get vested in Happiness and a “way of life”, then it is an easy matter to manipulate the society by and thru its wants.


By the term “vested” is meant invested as in taking on the status of borrower. Therefore the military which was once there to serve the interests of the society now is compromised in trust to serve the interests of the banker who holds the debt. Remember, the borrower is slave to the lender. So what can be done about the matter? I find that I can only immediately change myself and my deeds. But my deeds and my words might serve as an instrument of change.


I choose Charity. Therefore I choose to say NO to the international banking scheme of debt bondage. I choose to be my brother’s keeper.

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