Identity2Many people today go about their daily lives and they hardly stop to consider how precious identity is and for that matter how it is formed. Without getting too philosophical consider for a moment the “problem of identity”. Let us imagine that you and I have met and we determine that we want to engage each other in a contract. We develop the terms of the Contract and we express our consent to the terms of the contract by signature bond. In our example let us presume that the contract is drawn up in one day is executed the self same day. Now on the next day you and I are to meet in order to perform our promises contained in the contract.

Question: How will you know for sure that I am who I say I am tomorrow?

Consider carefully!

  1. Will you rely on how I look? Can’t that be changed? or What if I have a twin!
  2. Will you rely on how I sound? Can’t that be changed? or What if my twin sounds like me?
  3. Will you rely on my character? But do you really know me?

What can you know about me that guarantees I am the same guy you contracted with yesterday?

We will explore this in further detail within the website; however the short answer is simply put: There is no way to physically identity a man. It is an impossibility!

Now consider a very large Trust Organization Kingdomcalled a Kingdom or State; how can one be identified within that Kingdom or State, since it is impossible for one living soul to identify another? The solution is in Persons of State.

The State CREATES, as Settlor its Persons of State. Men and women occupy in and for those Persons of State. Therefore it is impossible to identify a man or woman but it is very easy to govern a thing created! For the Creator has the right to govern his creation!