This is a sample of some of the things to learn around this Site as we discuss the application of Just Money coupled with Trust Concepts.



Remedy is for any “Federal reserve agent” more commonly known as a state bank (“member bank”). In the tier of living and legal persons, that is pretty low. I think that is restating what Michael Joseph teaches, the law is not respecter of persons. When people start presuming that they are the subhuman in the trustee/government’s eyes they project that and get it back.  There is an argument going around regarding the living and the dead, but in this context, you are simply seen as the trustee/beneficiary and we teach here how to be responsible and remain in honor.

I feel that a lot of confusion is caused by projection. Like in front of a judge, if you think that he is viewing you as a US or subject citizen of some type, then that is what you will perceive as a reflection of your projection. He sees the living man alright – but he is doing business with the OFFICE of trustee and is presuming that you have been benefiting from the corpus (value) of the trust through property rights.   Furthermore, whilst we have been told all of our lives that we are presumed innocent until proven guilty, in truth law it is just the opposite!  A trustee is always presumed guilty and said trustee must prove his/her innocence!

So take that to the TRUST as it was arranged under the Trading with the Enemy Act in 1933:

“…which will be held in trust and kept in one of the new forms…”


You might envision yourself being treated like the trustee for the state bank called FIRST MIDDLE LAST. Read from the bottom and top of Page 1066 – March 30, 1933.


I may be belaboring Michael Joseph’s explanations; however, I am simply saying that you are alive and the remedy will apply to whatever entity or person you create around you. Or better yet, if remedy applies to a legal person attached to you, then that is your remedy.

If you make your demand for lawful money then you can no longer be presumed to be a state bank because that is how state banks dissolved between 1913 and 1933, by redeeming their Federal Reserve notes in gold. In 1933 FDR was so determined to save the Fed, he illegally applied the Trading with the Enemy Act naming people the enemy, fighting a foe called The Great Depression.

This may help too:


In short, “In order to facilitate membership in the Federal Reserve System of any State bank… the Governors of the Federal Reserve System may waive in whole or in part the requirements of this section…”


Now I think that I have described this too well. 


Once you get your head around it, unless you have been behaving expressly as a state bank, by and thru the endorsement of the central banking system, you will not become a trustee for that system in the eyes of any court or judge. Interestingly as I came into this heritage – true balances shall we call it – I have found that the judges around Colorado began changing their oaths of office so to avoid bonding.