We have been seeing it for decades; that when we delegate the authority for the redemption to the teller the redemption “goes through”. More lately I have been espousing how “law” is written for the individual. Even to the point where we might find explanations for paranormal events in a holographic construct, a higher law. This “Unity” with the neighbor also unites us into the Godhead, so to speak – Love thy neighbor as you Love yourselves…

I sealed a bond in 1996 after the fashion of the July 4th 55 suitors claiming tort by Declaration, by precedent of the 56th signor Matthew THORNTON. The brain trust has been perfectly unified all along, just not seeming so from the cerebral brain. And even not from the gut as a thought system upon pyramidal neurons lining our intestines. I really enjoyed the end of The Gut; Our Second Brain. Here we explore the third system of thought, communication between bacterium.

I appreciate the phone call from a suitor, inquiring about “military currency”. My first retort was to inquire, “Do you have a definition?” Then I went through a transform, a holographic key I coin the Cube Sum Number Locks (CSNL). There are only Five of these and almost all numbers will become one of these after cubing the digits. Funny how when I played chess with the inventor of computer linguistics he ran a program to prove out this theorem, at work on a Pentagon supercomputer. The first CSNL is 153 and is introduced at John 21:11 in the form of abundant food – fish, by fishing off the right side of the brain; er… boat. Balance parallel and serial processing – hemisphericity into unity.

In 1861 Abraham LINCOLN declared war, on April 15th. This began the Tax Year for everybody and as indicated by the Omission of the Trading with the Enemy Act in 2016, from the Bankers’ Code, we find 153 years 2014, plus a Release Year 2015, and ending in the Traditional Jubilee year 2016 on Yom Kippur. These are the 49th (seven sevens) and fiftieth years found in Leviticus of the Bible. However yesterday’s Torah Study begins with the “70” offspring of Abraham and after 3,500 years since that Invasion of Canaan we find 3500/50 = 70; The Seventieth Jubilee. [Afterthought but important; this is actually 72 in judicial terms including Eldad and Medad.]

There are several routes to my point and for now I will only go down one.

What I have just done is laid down a construction, a foundation. There are some presumptions so it remains subjective. But like pointing out the Crop Circle of crop circles – the Golden Rectangle on Colorado Springs, we would walk this independently with our GPS devices and find the geophysical coordinates exact and agree. But did we create it? Who authorized it? If we created it, we authorized it. If it was already there, then I did not invent it, I discovered it. This only appeals to one half (the left brain) of one of three brains; one sixth of our total thought system. This linear cause and effect in a linear number line orientation only appeals to the egoistic mind, the fight or flight sense of survival out of which arises war.

Therefore the same place we will find the authority is the same place where we might lose it.

I have pointed out how the lunar month is 29.25 days long. This means that every lunar cycle we need to knock off a weekday. Every five months, two weekdays are taken off, based on the rabbis declaring the first day of the month by watching the new moon. Lose the conditioning we must revere the named days, and that Saturday is the Sabbath Day, and “keeping the Sabbath” takes on a new meaning. Keeping the Sabbath simply means never skip the Day of Rest. If you ever took out a restoration day, then you would work for thirteen days in a row. Don’t do that.

Somewhere along the way, probably out of Babylon where Nebuchadnezzar BELSHAZZAR created the Jew, from the elite Israelites (the people of the land), people started collimating the Release Year. This was necessary to formulate a social parataxic distortion that this Release (Deut 15:1-3) would fall on the same year for everybody. This conditioning set up failure of the release system and build the foundation for “sustainable debt”. This is the next level of dispelling the abracadabra, to acquire the unity and see where that authority comes from, to give the teller or IRS agent Permission. By aligning the Release Year together, a good Jew might hesitate to loan to his neighbor, Jew or gentile (Deut 23:20) due to it being the sixth year of the Release Cycle. The simple and sensible meaning is of course that no loan can go any longer than seven years from the time it is extended. No such thing as sustainable debt!

Without sustainable debt then, we will find it quite impossible to maintain a growing money supply through fractional lending, and reserve banking. So we find how I might be applying a different number line – spirals – 360/5 = 72 and 61.55% intersections on a pentagram being how we calculate a reality that makes sense – utilizing law instead of being subject to it. Create the law, and you own it so it is available for you to use.

Please be wise with this information.