For the longest time, until about December 10 one could only find a watermarked draft of the new (2021) W-4 Form. Better yet though, here is an example.

W-4 Example for 2021

Keep in mind that the claim you make is that you owed no income tax last year, and will owe no income tax this year coming up. So get started with redemption now, before January if you are not doing so already. When you get a full refund for 2021 then you can fill out the 2022 W-4 truthfully and stop withholdings altogether.

You can register Bronze for free and learn a lot here. The serious redemption student can easily upgrade from Bronze to Silver or Gold.

Remember not to squabble with your boss. You will get your refund of withholdings from the IRS/Treasury so if your boss is uncomfortable leave the withholdings in place.