Welcome Message from David Merrill

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Greetings and welcome to this unique website. Michael Joseph and myself are dedicated to the students here receiving a well-rounded education in remedy. My teaching style will be both interactive and instructional meaning that as you sign up to post in the Forums I will be responsive to your posts and will be shaping the forums so that as they develop in volume of posts, the forums will be groomed to be edifying reading to the new students as they subsequently register.

The Lesson Plan videos are based on a foundation that has developed over twenty years and has evolved around admiralty contracts in central banking as well as §16 of the Federal Reserve Act (1913) and its current codification in the United States Code at Title 12 USC §411 – They shall be redeemed in lawful money on demand… The Lesson Plan in summary consists of three parts; 1) True Identity, 2) Record Forming and 3) Redeeming Lawful Money. The Lawful Money Forums will be complimentary to the Lesson Plan videos and both will grow quickly based in this interactive concept as the student population grows and various students bring their life experiences and questions to the website. The Lesson Plan videos consist of the Basic Lesson that will have links shown as red Footnote Titles so you can pause the Basic Lesson video and watch a Footnote that develops more details about that particular point. This way, when you subscribe to the Lesson Plan videos, you may choose how deep you wish to go, and into what topics you wish to spend more time learning. As students inform me what is of interest, I will produce more Lesson Plan videos and more Footnotes too.

I truly love teaching as well as learning and hope that you will register and find out exactly what we have to offer here.