Welcome Message from Michael Joseph

 Welcome - MJ

Hello, and welcome to Myrtle Tree Solutions. I am Michael Joseph and I would like to thank you for visiting this Website. Myrtle Tree Solutions is dedicated to Education, Health and Spiritual advancement. Concepts such as Law, Equity, Money, Trust and Scripture will all be developed herein this blog and further expounded upon within the membership of the Site. We find today that many seem to be working twice as hard for half the return. Our goal is to reverse that trend by empowering our membership with useful and practical knowledge. Even if you do not decide to patronize Myrtle Tree Solutions Website, we hope that you will continue to read and educate yourself regarding the different monetary and religious systems. For just as there are two forms of money in the United States today, each with different trust boundaries, there are also two Jesus’ in the Scriptures. For if you did not know the Federal Reserve system has its own cities and districts which overlay in survey the dejure state. As such, we see a “new” law boundary in contract which we can voluntarily enter upon or not. There remains a Choice! And just as we see a false Christ and a true Christ one teaches the law is no more and the other to obey and submit to God. We are with choice regarding where we will place our trust as such, we will be in the “proper venue” or we shall be “re-venued” into a new law boundary!

The lessons found herein this Website seek to teach the student member the differences between these two law boundaries such that a choice can be made with knowledge. For one who lacks knowledge does not even know he has a choice! I will wager for instance that most have been told the taxation system in the United States is voluntary. But, how many of you know HOW IT IS VOLUNTARY? So if you don’t know the choice then you don’t have a choice. That does not sound very voluntary to me. How about you?

Again, welcome to this Website as this is not a Wisdom Flatstatic Site, we will be adding to the content found herein each and every week. As such we embark upon this endeavor asking the Most High God, El Elyon for His favor, honoring our Father, Yehovah and our Mother, El Shaddai asking for Wisdom so that we might be faithful stewards discharging our duties to God in love which is our faithful service to our King.