Greetings Members and Visitors;

I feel spring is coming quickly to 2024 and am encouraged by the number of people redeeming lawful money successfully. I am quickly discovering in how many ways Redemption of the Mind from delusions debt has substance and value is creating a coherent and peaceful mental environment, more like a haven for recognizing Unity and Godliness in ourselves and others.

Even if you are simply scanning past this message, there is something you can do for yourself and your future. Make your demand for lawful money. You can do this by altering your signature card at your bank, or by making demand on the back of your paper paychecks. Remember that all the law requires of you is that you make your demand.

Keep in mind that we discourage partial tax years. That means you can begin the work, making your demand now but you will not be filing for refund of your withholdings until 2026, at which time you will be entitled to write EXEMPT on the W-4 Withholding form at work. In other words you pay regular federal and state taxes for 2024 in 2025 but your first full redeemed tax year will be for 2025, filed in early 2026. It also allows for the option of continuing in the regular national debt system, or not. If you do not make any demand for lawful money, you do not have this option.

I encourage you to make your demand now. There is much more than the 30% pay raise. Getting your mind wrapped around your demand, and being removed from the national debt opens many doors of opportunity in mental, spiritual and psychic endeavors of thought.

The short explanation is in the statute itself, derived from the 1913 Federal Reserve Act.

Title 12 USC 411

It may become clear that your only obligation is to make your demand. As opposed to monitoring and even hoping to enforce proper “special deposit” regulations that are being imposed on your bank or credit union by your demand. Leave that to the OCC; we have evidence that can happen – enforcement by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. But never mind policing behind the teller window.

I want you to notice something more subtle than that. Notice the statute is written for “Federal Reserve bank notes”, not as we call it – Federal Reserve Notes. Nothing has changed except I have found a better way to wrap your mind around freeing yourself from national debt obligations more quickly. All Federal Reserve Notes are Federal Reserve bank notes. In 1935 signing endorsement became the only requirement to become a “member bank”. And since the entire population effectively is endorsing private credit from the Fed, it is no longer necessary to define FRN’s with the extra word “bank” so to specify member banks only. Virtually everybody except you (and us) are member banks in the Federal Reserve System, until we begin a consistent record of making our demand for lawful money. [Even states demand lawful money in every transaction, for the same purpose as we do.]

People become Member Banks by Endorsement

It is especially detailed in this clip, where the requirements are dropped:

People became member banks in 1935

“In order to facilitate admission to membership…”

I encourage you to become a paid Member here quickly so that you can organize your estate, and especially your mind around dispelling this notion that debt has substance and value. It does not. Redemption is exclusive ultimate from Debt. Not quite opposites but debt is the absence of redemption and redemption is the end of debt.

We have my Lesson Plan to quash any billing cycle that may start against you. Even sticky state refunds where one state is trying to collect after the work state has honored a full refund – in this case NJ fears loss of revenue for so many NJ residents who commute to Manhattan Island to work:

My Lesson Plan is well worth the $5,000 when you consider the 30% Pay Raise. Even without the pay raise the brain trust engages in wonderful conversations about spirituality and health, aside from our common experience of  being redeemed. But if you get your head wrapped around redemption it should avoid any mistakes that might encourage any IRS agents to start the 3176C billing process.

We wish you the best success and prosperity here at LMT.


David Merrill.