I am posting a reminder that full tax years are pretty much required. We (redeemed) have taught the IRS attorneys well, that the IRS is not going to be calculating any partial years. So get to the bank and make demand on the Signature Card and make your demand on any paper paychecks. Establish this as habit for every transaction prior to January 1st.

I suggest uscode.house.gov instead of Cornell

I suggest “uscode.house.gov” instead of Cornell Law.

If you began last year, congratulations! You should be set up to claim your withholdings be refunded for tax year 2023 by showing evidence of your demand with a signature card prior to January and/or paper checks from January, June and December indicating that your demands have been consistent habit.

I suggest that you open an account with a new bank and request the signing be on paper, not digital pad. Be sure you get a copy to take home – dated so that you have the evidence. All you are required to do is make the demand so if the bank calls and says that they cannot do this – fine. You have the evidence of the demand dated. Using a new bank and account gives you practice so that you can go update the Signature Card at your current bank. Remember to get that copy when you leave. It is surprising how many people don’t get this until they do it, and they leave the bank without a copy. To no surprise when they go back for a copy, the signature line is completely blank!

Understanding why is not necessary. I am just getting you ready for the journey in time for early 2025. You will understand “special deposit” by then, if you get started now. If you take the first step you will be actively on this road to redemption.