Sometimes a new member wonders why we are not writing and updating the articles and posts. Quite simply put, this is because there is nothing changing about the law. Title 12 USC §411 declares originally that Federal Reserve bank notes shall be redeemed in gold, which of course was modified by FDR’s “war” on the Great Depression in 1933 to replace gold with lawful money. And so it remains today.

I certainly appreciate the mental training that redemption brings to the table. “They shall be redeemed in lawful money on demand at the United States Treasury…” prepares one in financial exercises to wrap the student mind around what Redemption actually means.

It is difficult to keep simple enough for a front page orientation that can be digested quickly and so, will encourage the Bronze student to become Silver or Gold; to embark on the real journey offered here at Lawful Money Trust dot COM. I think the best way is to open a window and plug, “Fed Assets Current” into a search engine. That should quite literally lead you to this link:

Which is the latest quarterly report. Here is what the first page looks like:

Federal Reserve Assets Report

For my intents and purposes, please don’t be distracted that the price of gold is $42.22/ounce. That was the price of gold when the transfer was made, putting gold into the IMF Trust Fund. Pay particular attention to Footnote 2 about SDR’s – Special Drawing Rights.

Expanded Footnote 2

This is the main event since 1933 that effects your redemption and the essence of learning here.

My definition for SDR is; The measure of social conditioning to blindly endorse private credit from the local central bank. What this introduces the LMT student to is the signature endorsement that pledges the ignorant masses into national debt, worldwide. And that this is conditioned into our thinking to be the only way to do it – to sign a naked contract on the backside of the paycheck, without ever asking what that is about, endorsement.

With this in mind, the honorable path is that no student here will ever file a 1040 for back years or even file for a partial year, where you begin non-endorsement (demanding lawful money) during a tax year. Just let it go and be patient. I would like you to avoid the frivolous filing billings. Wait until you have been redeeming lawful money by demand from January 1 through December 31, for a complete tax year, and you can show that evidence with the 1040 Form. At the same time, in January you may file the W-4 Form “EXEMPT” according to the Instruction #1. Your first full year should be the last year you have withholdings kept, that you must file a claim for.

Experience is teaching me that this is a weak spot in the learning program. And I think I can see why. We lack logistical development for envisioning a redeemed world outside the national debt, until we are actually outside the national debt. It is like living in a bowl, thinking the brim of the bowl is the horizon just because the brim hides the horizon. After you experience redemption then you will develop an awareness about the limitations of the Government Trust, and discern its voluntary nature.

The Government Trust of 1933 is Voluntary.

Just enter search for so to find:

Then enter Title 12, Section 95a and find that this Section has been omitted from the Bankers’ Code. That is a very strange word for “repealed” or “amended” – “Omitted”. This is reflective of the bogus war that FDR declared on the American people, using the Trading with the Enemy Act of 1917 as grounds to make it illegal to have gold or gold certificates.

It is self serving for me to direct your attention to thinking in terms of redemption being redeemed from the national debt. For you to demand refund of withholdings based on fraud is unfounded. It is just that you were ignorant. By clicking and reading here in this article, you have discovered the voluntary nature of the national debt. By my showing you to start here in your training, I save having to rewrite the articles here, when they really are static in law. I have also explained why Title 12 USC §411 will never be amended or repealed.

This is why the articles here, written many years ago, are still very useful.