Dear Readers;

My $5K Lesson Plan involves three studies:

  1. true identity
  2. record forming – Refusal for Cause
  3. redeeming lawful money

Plus this price joinders the suitor into a brain trust of over 100 people who have already been through my Lesson Plan. Among which is a tax preparer who specializes in lawful money tax returns.

Maybe fourteen months ago, the State of Illinois Department of Revenue began administrative billing on frivolous filing accusations against one of the suitors our tax preparer had taken power of attorney for filing. This opened the door for many tricky maneuvers within the offices, like no clear clerk of court and only giving our tax preparer access to what they wanted him to see, because he is not a licensed attorney etc. It also halted his client’s federal tax refund, while the IRS attorneys simply watched if the Illinois State Treasury could make some progress degrading his client’s redemption. The IRS also began an audit on his Client’s mother too.

But after all that I gladly read a text yesterday:

“Hello David it’s First Middle, after 8 months (my) Client received his FED refund Mother’s First name was approved today so she should receive her check by Nov. 3. I will get them into the (brain) trust soon.”

After fourteen months of administrative runaround, this is a breath of fresh air! It very strongly supports that once revenue officials confront the facts about redeemed lawful money they are able to learn that the 1933 Government Trust is indeed a voluntary participation “New Deal”.

FDR's Government Trust is Voluntary!