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At least that is what I hope people get from these HAMP 2 success stories. Debt and redemption are mutually exclusive concepts. Since last year there have been instances where the husband enjoys redeeming lawful money by demand, and the wife is hesitant. When the couple presents tax returns the bank handling the refinancing cannot […]

If you have been around the block, and especially if you are new to redemption of lawful money you might get this as just another perspective of the same thing. In fact I have been conversing with a retired corporate hatchet man who moved into the Catholic church as a Deacon specializing in Last Rites. […]

This is a sample of some of the things to learn around this Site as we discuss the application of Just Money coupled with Trust Concepts.     Remedy is for any “Federal reserve agent” more commonly known as a state bank (“member bank”). In the tier of living and legal persons, that is pretty […]

The Judiciary Act of 1789 has a description of admiralty process on Page 77 including, “…saving to suitors, in all cases the right of a common law remedy where the common law is competent to give it,” This caught my eye, how we default into admiralty law whenever the common law is incompetent. The system […]

Teacher in the Tent Have you ever noticed that the Egypt first mentioned in the Scripture was once a symbol for God’s Kingdom? The Pharaoh that Joseph served under was in type EL ELYON [The Most High God] and Joseph was in type Yehovah the Savior. There is a lot of confusion out there concerning […]

The Two Kingdoms Many churches today and for that matter “charitable trusts” charter their organizations typically in what they perceive to be the only choice available that being an organization founded UNDER the laws of the Secular State. We say secular because clearly when we look around today the State seems to be wholly opposed […]

Restoring the Breach! There are Four powers in the Earth. Religion, Politics, Education, and Finance. What is most despicable, at least to me, is Religion.  Specifically false religion.  For there is only one true religion and that is to teach the right hand and the left hand which is to say visit the Fatherless and […]

I feel that Jim and I have ended war, just as Jim declared in late 2014 from the base of the Castle. After 153 years (April 15, 1861) the Trading with the Enemy Act is “Omitted” from the Bankers’ Code – Title 12 USC 95a-95b. When heritage and destiny are coherent there is peace.   […]

The Test Have you considered how subtle the Trust is? Consider the Serpent in the Garden. Adam and Eve had been granted the Use of Property established by God. Notice that God even formed their Body, Soul and Spirit. Therefore God owned the Property. Adam and Eve did not own the Property! The only aspect […]